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        Notice of Enterprises’ Resumption of Work and Production

        【字號    】 收藏

        【來源:市經信委 發布日期:2020-02-09】

        District Economic Commissions (District Commercial Commissions), District Informatization Commissions, related Companies/Organizations:

                Following General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, implementing epidemic prevention and control required by CPC Central Committee, Stated Council, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, in accordance with Notice of Implementing Health Checking and Key Personnel Quarantine to People entering Shanghai for Epidemic Prevention and Control, Notice of Further Implementing Epidemic Prevention and Control, Shanghai Safety Production Office’s Notice of Epidemic Prevention and Control, both the production guarantee and epidemic control shall be coordinated and promoted to fight against the epidemic.The details of Notice of  Enterprises’ Resumption of Work and Production are as follows:

                I.General Requirements and Fundamental Principles

                To give a full play of grass-roots party organizations and CPC members, the epidemic prevention and control is currently the most important task. At the same time, work resumption and production safety are also carried out.

                1.Insisting on “Four Priorities”. Enterprises relating to epidemic prevention, national economy & people’s livelihood, city operation and citizens’ necessities are given priority for work resumption. Enterprises with high economic contributions are given priority for work resumption. Enterprises with sufficient market orders and well-established epidemic prevention measures are given priority for work resumption. Core management personnel and experienced front-line workers are given priority for work resumption.

                2. Focusing on “Three Links”. The enterprises’ primary responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control shall be taken by the organizations in charge of systems, industries and companies. The documents and standards for work resumption and epidemic prevention shall be publicized in time. The guidance of epidemic prevention for factories and office buildings shall be strictly implemented. The mechanism of dispatchment, daily information-reporting and supervision shall be established for work-resumption enterprises.

                3.Implementing “Five in Place”. The mechanism of epidemic prevention and control shall be in place for enterprises to resume work and production. The supplies of epidemic prevention and control shall be in place. The contingency plans shall be in place to handle emergencies. The internal management shall be in place. The training and education shall be in place to raise employees’ awareness of epidemic prevention and control.

                II.Preparation for Enterprises to Resume Work

                4. Strengthening organizational leadership. The contacting mechanism of epidemic prevention shall be established in every district for enterprises to resume work and production. For enterprises to resume work before cancelling Shanghai Level 1 Critical Public Health Emergency Response, the enterprises’ chief executives shall be responsible for setting up leading groups of work resumption and epidemic prevention. The plan of work resumption and epidemic prevention shall be made and detailed for each enterprise, including leading mechanism, task assignment, checking, daily management, logistics support, emergency handling. The enterprises’ chief executives shall be responsible for making the contingency plans of epidemic prevention and control, which state the specific work assignment.

                5. Strengthening publicity and guidance. The training and education of epidemic prevention and control shall be further promoted by such means as publicity banners, broadcasting media, short messages, wechat, online platforms and pre-post training. The prevention measures of infectious diseases shall be implemented. The related health training shall be carried out to make sure every workshop, team and post well educated.

                6. Stabilizing enterprises’ employees. The employees’ health condition and travel history during spring festival shall be investigated to grasp the true information. The employees’ self-declaration and promise system shall be implemented based on classification management. The quarantine measures shall be strictly adopted for employees returning Shanghai from specific areas and closely contacting with confirmed patients. Before returning to work, the employees in key posts shall be further investigated by new technologies.

                7. Promoting material production. The support shall be given to enterprises which produce various epidemic prevention supplies and the efforts shall be made to boost production capacity. The enterprises shall be encouraged to switch to other emergency materials production in short supply. To meet the demand of epidemic prevention and control, the industrial chain shall be further coordinated, the enterprises shall be encouraged to help each other and develop new technologies and products.

                8. Guaranteeing work resumption. In accordance with Notice of Releasing Precautionary Disinfection Technological Highlights for Nine Key Areas, the disinfection mechanism shall be in place for precaution. The temperature checking points and temporary quarantine rooms shall be set up for the enterprises, with dedicated epidemic prevention personnel. The epidemic prevention materials shall be provided including masks, disinfectants and infrared thermometers.

                III.Intensified Epidemic Prevention and Control by Enterprises

                9. Strict personnel management and control. Enterprises shall provide intensified epidemic prevention and protection measures to front-line workers, establish the standard and system for distributing and receiving epidemic prevention and control supplies. Temperature measurement, mask inspection and health inquiries shall be strengthened. Outsiders and external vehicles shall be strictly controlled. Daily temperature monitoring shall be carried out among all personnel. Anyone with symptoms such as fever and cough shall not be allowed to enter the workplace. Enterprises shall strengthen crowd control by strictly controlling group activities such as meetings, dinners and get-togethers, and encouraging video conferencing and other similar forms to minimize the flow and gathering of people.

                10. Encouraging off-peak commuting. Off-peak commuting plans for different industries shall be implemented according to the conditions and characteristics of different disctricts and industries. Commuting of multiple channels and fixed routes is encouraged to reduce the risk of cross-infection. Enterprises are encouraged to adopt flexible working hours, rotating work, working at home, working online and flexible attendance management, etc.

                11. Strengthening the management of workplace and meals. Factories, equipments, vehicles and tableware shall be regularly disinfected. Enterprises shall strengthen the management of relatively confined places such as offices, elevators, canteens and meeting rooms to leave no blind areas. It is important to make sure the workplace is sanitary and ventilated. Air conditioners shall be cleaned regularly, while central air-conditioning shall be temperarily stopped. Enterprises shall also strengthen the sanitary management of staff canteens, keep canteens ventilated and carry out preventive disinfection. Separate meals and lunch boxes shall be practiced to avoid group meals. Other methods may include meals at different time, keeping at least 1m’s distance from others and food delivery.

                12. Intensifying emergency handling management. Enterprises shall transfer the suspected patients found at the workplaces to the temporary quarantine rooms immediately, contact the local centers for disease control and prevention to require for guidance, and assist in the relevant investigation and disposal. Close contacts of diagnosed NCP patients must be quarantined for 14 days. Enterprises shall formulate detailed emergency handling plans for staff with fever, dry cough or breathing difficulties, strengthen risk analysis and hidden danger investigation to achieve “one case, one plan” and “one place, one method”.

                13. Implementing the supervision and reporting system. Enterprises shall carry out 24-hour on-duty and leader-in-charge system, make open and secret investigations to promote thorough implementation. They shall also implement daily safety risk assessment and notification system, create standing books for the resumption of work and production as well as epidemic prevention and control, and establish the information reporting mechanism, i.e., timely and truthfully reporting relevent information to the district departments for economy and informatization, industrial park management committees, and sub-district and town offices. The communication system among enterprises, sub-distrcit or town offices, community and other local administrative departments shall be established in order to properly handle emergencies and strengthen mass prevention and coordinated control.

                IV. Taking Responsibilities for Epidemic Prevention and Production Safety

                14. Clear division of responsibilities. Strengthen localized management. All districts shall assume the overall responsiblity for resumption of work and production as well as epidemic prevention and control, while enterprises assume primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. All districts and enterprises shall strictly implent the requirements of “three full-coverage” and “three-must”, earnestly perform the duties and further enhance the sense of responsibility.

                15. Implementing the localized responsibility of all districts. Each district shall enhance the epidemic prevention and control management of enterprises in its territory, set up special working groups, improve working mechanism and implement grid management. All districts shall urge the enterprises in the territory to formulate their own epidemic prevention plans, notify them with the requirements of government at all levels, and make sure the enterprises carry out practical measures in this regard.

                16. Enhancing the primary responsibility of enterprises. Every enterprise shall formulate a work plan for epidemic prevention, and set up a special working group in order to implement the relevent requirements. Enterprises shall also strengthen inspections, and rectify the problems found without delay. If necessary, enterprises may adopt closed management measures and promptly report epidemic prevention information. Any enterprise that fails to carry out the epidemic prevention work and causes the spread of the epidemic shall be investigated for its responsibilities in accordance with the law.

                17. Strictly assuming the responsibility for production safety. The Municipal and district supervision and administration departments shall strengthen the inspection of production safety, intesify the risk prediction and hidden danger investigation of fire control, anti-terrorism and production safety, and take prevention and rectification measures of key locations such as warehouses, workshops and logistics. Enterprises shall make reasonable production plans, and prevent the occurance of overwork and schedule rush, etc.

                The district departments for economy and informatization, and other relevent departments shall introduce specific measures based on the actual conditions to guarantee the orderly and safe resumption of work and production.


        Shanghai Municipal Commission of
        Economy and Informatization
        Feb 8, 2020

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